I’m back. And graduated :)


When I saw this Sim by simhow on my dashboard, I knew immediately  that I needed her genetics in my game, like, yesterday. So I gave her a quick CC swap to match my game and plopped her down in Old Avilion Port! (She’s soooo cute! I love her. I love a Sim.)

Her name is Regina How and she’s a Virgo Pleasure Sim with the LTW of Having 50 Dream Dates (another LTW I’ve never completed).

She gets a job in the journalism career track, and is greeted by the welcome wagon. Immediately she gets some bolts of chemistry with two of Old Avilion Port’s most married men. SO STAY BACK.

It always makes me happy to see my sims in other people’s games. I really like what you made with her, she looks more like a femme fatale now :)


more makeovers :)

komo’s Angela | Belle_Ange_16’s Evangeline | Sam1988’s Kelly Lee

Makeover of Earthdragon’s Sakura Haruno :)


Anonymous asked:
hi. your sims are so pretty! i had a question, wcif the artwork/gems on this sims' forehead and cheeks, post/93111557073/makeover?thanks!

Oh, thanks a lot, sweet anon! :)

You can find the stickers here and here.

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Girls, girls, girls…


Fairy Girl - DOWNLOAD




Snow White - DOWNLOAD

(accessories are not included)

I really don’t know what to think about Sims 4. I mean, it’s pretty cool, but Sims 2 will always be my one true love.