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I really don’t know what to think about Sims 4. I mean, it’s pretty cool, but Sims 2 will always be my one true love.

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Hello Snow White!

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yun-sims asked:
WCIF Olive's hair? I just love it :3 And if you know any other hairs with highlights... share links pls :> Your simblr is lovely ^_^

Hello and thank you!!!

The hair can be found here. Alwayssims2 also has a lot of other cute ombre hairs :)

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Anonymous asked:
wcif that moustache from your icon?

It comes with a posebox by Sirens of/Ice-9, but I’m not able to find it at the moment, sorry. Maybe anybody else can help? :)

Anonymous asked:
Hello:) how do you get your Sims to make the faces they do in your shots? Thank you.

Hi :)

All of the facial expressions are available through Jaydee’s Animation Boxes. I’m usually combining them with any posebox so that the sim’s body won’t move. This is my favourite posebox at the moment

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Awww, how cute are these phones?!

Sims 4 is…difficult :)

Don’t worry, I’m still alive :) And this is Olive.